Playa Yama cozy checkered sweater mid size and plus size

Size Inclusivity and How Playa Yama is Working Towards Inclusion

As the temperatures continue to be cold and rainy here in Southern California, our Playa Yama cozy checkered sweaters become a staple in our wardrobes. However, not all customers have access to sweaters that fit them comfortably and stylishly. As a brand based on providing comfort, it's important to recognize the importance of catering to mid-size and plus-size customers.

Mid-size and plus-size customers make up a significant portion of the fashion industry, yet many brands continue to overlook their needs. This exclusion not only limits the fashion choices for these customers, but it also reinforces negative body image standards that have been perpetuated in society for far too long. And we want to help change that!

Playa Yama is in it's infancy stages of growing and making an impact in the industry. Our season 1 collection launched just 6 weeks ago and offers cozy checkered sweaters in a combined sizing up through a size 4X. We initially thought we fit up to 5X, and after further review and feedback, we have updated our sizing. As the owner of Playa Yama, Becky has worked 10 years in New York in the fashion industry and witnessed first hand how clothes weren't made to fit curvier bodies. Even having a fit body at the time, she still was wearing the biggest sizes in contemporary and luxury sizes, so if styles didn't fit there was no other option. Becky wants size inclusion to become the norm, and all bodies in every shape and size deserves to have comfortable cool clothing. We have a lot of growing to continue to do, and as we grow so will our size inclusivity.

By embracing mid-size and plus-size customers, Playa Yama has the opportunity to make a positive impact on the fashion industry. Not only can we offer more inclusive sizing options, but we can also create designs that cater to a wider range of body shapes and sizes. This can help you feel more confident and comfortable in your clothing, and encourage you to embrace your individuality. We hope our brand reaches our ideal customers that range from normal sizing to mid size and some plus size.

We hope you will find our cozy checkered sweaters to fit your body comfortably and help you feel confident. And if you have any feedback, we welcome it, we want to continue to learn and grow with you.  

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