about us

Playa /ˈplīə/ means beach in Spanish, and Yama /ˈyämə/ means mountain in Japanese.

The founder Becky, is Mexican and Japanese and wanted to pay homage to her roots, and lifestyle of her home state of California. Playa Yama checkered sweaters are reflective of the casual cool beach and mountain lifestyle which is symbolic of California. Playa Yama creates small capsule collections that are unique to each season, trends and comfy cool aesthetic. The cozy checkered sweaters are the season 1 drop, and this colorway will not be restocked. We want you to have unique pieces that are special and not seen everywhere.

Playa Yama was born out of a yearning for comfort in life. Becky lost her mother right after having her first baby. She lost herself in grief, motherhood and life. She couldn't find a cool & cozy sweater / robe that could be worn in and out of the house and feel confident. Picture those early mornings as a mom, when you get your kids packed up and ready for school, but there’s never enough time to also get yourself ready. If you have the perfect chic cozy sweater to throw on, the versatility provides the comfort of a robe but style of an elevated cardigan. For Playa Yama’s first season, she combined the coziness of the plush microfiber material to keep you warm with an elevated silhouette to create our season 1 drop of cool checkered sweaters.

Becky worked in New York City in contemporary and luxury fashion for ten years, and saw first hand how size inclusiveness was not a priority. It is important for Playa Yama to create comfortable styles and size inclusivity. We offer sizes ranging from S to 4X, and as our brand grows our sizing will too.

Playa Yama will continue to create versatile styles that offer comfortable cool pieces. Our checkered sweaters are just the beginning. Every season will be a new launch with core styles that reflect the casual cool California lifestyle that is Playa Yama. We hope Playa Yama will become a staple in your closet to help you feel comforted, chic and confident!